Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Neglected kitties

I've been neglecting taking photos of the kitties lately. Mostly because I've been lazy and the cats have been sprawled in the coolest places they can find, usually not very photogenic places, at that! So yesterday evening as it started to cool off I went out on the back patio for some kitty cuddles.

Boof, being watchful

Over the shoulder

Kitty tastes Yumm!

Lobo was playing with ants

"You did not see me doing that. I am far too cool"

Boof laughing heartily at Lobo playing with ants

Inside, Dora and Tilly were playing again. Dora's so scary

Locked in mortal combat

Sister tastes Yumm!

Of course, Tilly can't stop at licking her sister. She thought my light stand, that Dave was playing with, looked mighty tasty, too...just a little lick

Light stand is Yumm!

The Girls were driving me crazy this morning so we decided to take a break and have a romp on the beach. It's hard to get them to sit still and be good dogs instead of having them burst through the door

But with a little perseverance, they will sit and stay. They started off even, but Tilly just shoved forward in her excitement...but she's still sitting and she's still behind the line LOL

She was so over-excited that she missed when jumping into the back of the car - it was too funny to watch. Instead of jumping down and trying again, she just scrabbled around trying to get her butt up...eventually I caved and lifted it in for her.

It was a beautiful, but stinking hot, day. The girls played and ran and did a little swimming

We tried to get some nice family portraits, but it didn't really come together LOL

And then there's Til's effort...

Pretty good Elvis impersonation, though!

It looks like we are going to get a bumper crop of new turtles this season. There are baby turtle tracks all over the beach.

Til did much better jumping back into the car - made it the first try!

Today has been a full on office day and I'm just not getting through things...there always seems to be one more detail that needs attention. So tomorrow I'll be in here again. I also have meetings with two couples tomorrow so cross your fingers for two new wedding bookings!

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