Sunday, January 4, 2009

Nudibranchs galore!

Ross, Mary and I headed out yesterday morning for two dives in Lighthouse Bay.  The surface conditions were pretty good and the bottom conditions were certainly much better than they were on Thursday!  There were also zillions of nudibranchs out and about...we LOVE nudibranchs!

01 - Chromodoris fidelis
Chromodoris fidelis

02 - Janolus sp
Janulos sp

03 - perky little guy

04 & 05 - Tambja morosa

06 - Hypselodoris bullockii

07 - Nembrotha kubaryana feeding

08 - Noumea varians
Noumea varians

09 - Cadlinella ornatissima

10 - Halgerda tessellata
Halgerda tessellata

11 - about 5 feet from the adult Halgerda tessellata, this teensy juvenile was perched on top of a bit of rock, taking in his surroundings
Halgerda tessellata juvenile

12 & 13 & 14 - Risbecia tryoni
Risbecia tryoni head shot
Risbecia tryoni coming at ya
Risbecia tryoni

15 - I had just been talking with one of our instructors about Spanish Dancers (Hexabranchus sanguineus) and how the juveniles look very different to the adults. She had never seen one before and I said that I'd only see two juveniles before, and it had a been long time since the last one. So imagine my delight when I dropped down under the boat for dive two yesterday and saw this little cutie first up!
juvenile Hexabranchus sanguineus

16 - Mary had the best find of the day...a nudibranch we've never seen before! He was booking right along and I was low on air so had to end my dive after grabbing a couple of very quick shots of him. I sure hope we see more of these as they are incredible! Favorinus tsuruganus

There were many other nudis all over the dive sites plus tons of cleaning action, fishes, turtles, sharks, name it, it was out there yesterday! I'll post some other things later.

Today I am in my office doing some dive shop promotional materials and making sure that everything is in place and updated before I leave next Sunday. I am also working on Jade & Aaron's wedding album, talking with a couple of brides, returning some enquiry calls, working on some things for the Novotel and about upmteen other photography related things! I have a list, so hopefully I can get through it all in a timely fashion.

It's a good day to be inside with the air-conditioning on as it is headed to over 40C again!

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Alyson Celeste said...

How funny about the juvenile Hexabranchus sanguineus! Maybe I should mention nudi's that I never see more often! Seems to make for some nice photo's and discoveries for you.. :)