Monday, January 5, 2009

Dora & MatildaLily get crazy

Last night they were rough-housing so much that I thought for sure we wouldn't have any furniture left!


MatildaLily, the goof, having a breather

waiting for her chance to pounce again

Dora preparing herself

Dora making sure I'm watching

Dora gets the advantage

and smacks Tilly down

Big teeth

Big cuddle?

MatildaLily going in for the kill

Dora hamming it up. I thought it was almost Oscar worthy!

Getting fierce

Letting MatildaLily get some fierce on

The fight scene

Dora gets back into the fray...getting vicious

...well, not so vicious...that tickles

...and's kinda relaxing, really

Dora patiently letting Til play some more

Nom nom nom...yummy ear! Big sisters are so gentle

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