Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Something's fishy

I love scuba diving! There are always so many cool things to see, there's never enough time underwater. Here are some characters from my last two dives.

01 - another blue eyed crab hiding in the coral

02 - close up of a seastar body

03 - sparkly bubblecoral shrimp

04 - sweet sweetlips

Lots of cleaning action...who can resist?
05 - Squirrelfish preparing for a wash

06 - cleaner wrasse going to work

07 - the batfish were really getting spoiled

08 - and the other side

09 - the fusiliers had their followers, too

10 -

11 - It was actually pretty surgey but the upside is that it had folded up one of the magnificent anemones so you could see the excellent purple colour underneath. I love the orange of the Pink Anemonefish (I have no idea!) against the green of the top and purple of the bottom!

I don't know that I will be able to get any more dives in before I head off on Sunday, but if I have any free time between the dive shop and finishing up some Kristin Anderson Photography work I'm sure going to try!

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