Sunday, January 11, 2009

Today's the day!

I start my epic journey in just under 4 hours. I can't believe I'm going today - time has gone so fast already this year! Even more unbelievable is that I actually had my clothes packed yesterday afternoon...I don't think I've ever been packed that far in advance of a trip before! It started off pretty ugly with stuff strewn all over our bed

but miraculously I have everything in a single suitcase - that is LESS than 20kgs!

Yes, you read that right. Under 20kgs, Skywest's limit. So there is a chance I won't even have to pay excess luggage. Of course, I haven't yet packed my chargers and misc last minute items, so this jubilation might be short lived, but it was nice to celebrate for a few moments!

I finished my bride's wedding album yesterday and got it up in her gallery for review. It was a big project and one that had to be finished before I went away so the couple could decide on changes so we could hopefully go to print before whale shark season ! Here's a sneak peek and there are more at Kristin Anderson Photography Blog

MatildaLily had a naughty spell the other day...I was in the kitchen and heard "squeak squeak squeak". One of our recliners makes that noise when someone bumps it. I thought the dogs were just playing...not so much playing as destroying

Little snothead!

She's not the only one being naughty. One of the cats brought us this little giftie the other morning. Nothing says "I love you" like a mummified lizard head!

Til was out on the patio happily flicking something here and there so I went out to see what she had that she shouldn't. Turned out to be a baby Ta-ta lizard. I thought he was dead so got in nice and close for some photos since there's no way to get close to them when they are alive. So I thought! Imagine my surprise when the little guy opened his mouth!

Happily, he wasn't dead. Just feigning death to try to get away from the puppy!

He scampered off behind a pot plant after I took a few frames. A little banged up, but I think he'll be OK.

Well, folks, this is it from me from Exmouth. My next post might be Sydney tomorrow. Or maybe Miami in lord know how many hours ... or maybe Buenos Aires finally! Just depends on where I can get some connection and how much of a stupor I am in after traveling.

My first, well, second if you count getting to sit in Perth domestic for 6 hours, stop is in Sydney tomorrow morning. I take the red-eye out of Perth tonight and land there around 0630. My friend Luke is going to meet me at the airport and we are going to spend the morning together, have an early lunch and do a little last minute shopping before I head back for my Sydney-San Francisco leg. I'm sure there will be photos ;)

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