Monday, January 5, 2009

Beautiful evening

We've been having extremely hot weather here for the past few days and the start of the heat wave came in on a bit of thunderstorm activity over the Gulf. Dave and I took the Girls down the other evening and it was just gorgeous. A rainbow greeted us as we drove to the beach past the golf club

Down on the beach the sky hadn't yet taken on sunset golds, but the rainbow was pretty cool reflecting on the sand

Me and Dave

Me having a bit of a windy hair day

Once the sun dropped a little more the sky turned incredible

The dogs were having fun and looked good in the warm light

Til can't just be normal

Dave with the sunset behind him

Looking back to the west

I'm still surprised at how good Tilly has been leaping back in the car with no fuss

Dora doesn't so much as leap in as wait for her Dad to pick her butt up

Driving back from the beach along the golf course the western sky was pretty

There was an awesome cloud formation coming up over the town just around the corner from our house

Harry was waiting patiently for us...I think he though we had fresh fish!

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