Monday, July 20, 2009

another week whizzes by

Boy, has my life been dull lately!  I still have no news to report. Other than shooting the wedding on Saturday, I don't even have any new photos to share right now. I am going to try to get my rear in gear this week so don't abandon me just yet!

Dave got home last night and the whole household tumbled into the entryway to greet him enthusiastically. Except me. I stayed on the couch until the Girls calmed down enough to where I thought I could escape bodily harm if I gave Dave a welcome home hug! Even then it was a bit of a group project with them halfway on top of us and head butting us for more attention. It was very sweet, if a little dangerous.

My wedding on Saturday went well. The bride and groom are completely awesome people and the whole bridal party had a great time. I'll be starting to work on the photos probably tomorrow, but I've popped a sneak peek up to get things started. Here it is for those who don't want to clickety-click

My friends Luke & Michelle had some happy news to share - their first child was born Saturday! He's a cutie, go check him out -> Baby Arms

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