Monday, July 27, 2009

Another beach evening

It was pretty windy most of the day yesterday but it calmed right down in the late afternoon so we herded the Girls into the car and went out to Mowbowra Creek for some beach fishing and playtime. Harry came out to see what we were up to, but we didn't attempt to put him in the car with the dogs! Flash kitty under the car

I did take my Big Girl Camera, of course, but spent the whole time just playing with the Baby Canon A720, don't know why. Guess I just like carrying around 50lbs of gear I don't use LOL. This is my shadow as we walked back to Dave after exploring the "creek" - those lumps on the sides are my ThinkTank camera bags. One day I'll do a little post about those maybe...

It was a very pretty evening to be out. These are the rocks on one side of the creek, such as it is.

Dora was loving some time away from Til. Tilly's attention span was super low yesterday so she'd zoomie off on a mission of her own as Dora and I poked around the bush and walked up the beach. I hope my boots arrive today as it will be nice to be able to wander further afield instead of being limited by my tender barefeetsies!

A flower, nothing special, just me playing around to see what would happen

Our ride & supplies

Dora thinking some of that should be hers

The beach was full of treasures yesterday, some gorgeous shells and misc funky flotsam

and some sad finds - like this tiny baby kangaroo

Don't know why it died and don't think it'd been there too long. Poor bubba.

I have a super busy week filled with photo stuff, dive shop stuff and personal stuff. We're hoping to have some fun news for you all pretty soon, so keep checking back for that.

Dave is off again this weekend - the Boys are going to Gnarloo for surfing, fishing, diving and chillin' and he wants to join them for at least a few days. I think he is going to attempt the 4WD track all the way there so I'm sure he'll have some good stories when he gets back!

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