Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Busy busy...I'm a buzzing bee (hash-up from Shrek III)

Seems like the days start with a pretty impressive dual-digit To Do List, progress with satisfying scribbling out of those tasks and then end with a drooling snooze on the couch before crawling in to bed...only to be followed by getting out of bed the next morning to find that the To Do Fairies have been and magically renovated said To Do List with more stuff.  Doesn't seem fair, really.

So I haven't been finding time to do anything super note or news worthy or even get the cameras out. Tomorrow. I have high hopes for tomorrow.

In the meantime, I have gotten through more than half of Saturday's wedding images and hope to have the rest done by the weekend. You can check out a selection on Kristin Anderson Photography blog ... let me know what you think!

Dave has been a prolific, if brief, blogger about his recent holiday away fishing and camping so make sure to click here and go check out his photos and stories!

We have a couple of people up from Perth for the week and were able to pop out for a couple of early evening drinks at the Novotel with them yesterday. They're out on the boat diving today and will probably dive most days they are here. Dave and I are trying to get things organized enough to join them at least one of the days, but who knows if that will really happen! Just so you don't think I've forgotten how to dive, here's a couple of shots from my dives earlier this month...and I'll pop more up in a dive post soon, I just seem to keep forgetting!

And for those of you who need something to do and who appreciate blogs with brains, check out one of my favourite blogs - I'd Rather Be a Smartass. She's quirky, funny, witty, sarcastic and insightful - I'll let you decide which is which in her posts!

And if you love doggie photos, want excellent shots of your own dog or are looking for cool doggie wear, check out my bud Ruth's new blog - she rocks it!

More awesome doggie wear and starring Roc & Ralph, the best canine buds ever, check out Rocstar - it's HOT!


Ruth[less] said...

Thanks chicken x

[It's not actually open to the public yet as there's a few links that lead to websites that aren't made yet, but thanks anyway, you rock!]

Gilsner said...

Okay... your turtle shot is unbelievable! I love, love, love your underwater photos! And your beach shots... I so want to move to where you live! Do you have an underwater camera or do you use a casing? I have a Nikon D40 but, despite my incessant Twittering, I just haven't transitioned well into the digital age... I find it's preformance subpar to my good 'ol F50. Probably because there's so much to learn and I'm fairly lazy and impatient. Might upgrade to a D90 (ya, because that'll solve all my problems), so my non-digital lenses be compatible, but I'm almost leaning towards a Canon. Never thought I'd see the day...

Thanks for your super-duper kind words about my blog, Kristin! I agree with Ruth... you rock!! :D

Kristin said...

@Ruth - sorry! I just got too excited about your awesome stuff!

@Gilsner - thanks!! Yes, I use Subal housings for my Canon cameras (40D in this case).