Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th Of July!

Fourth of July weekend is here already!  I hope you all have fun stuff planned.  I'm not doing much of anything today as Dave just left for his fishing trip and yesterday Tilly bowled my legs out from under me and I wrenched my back so I'm recovering today. I have big plans to go diving tomorrow if the pain isn't too bad, though!

Dave and I have had a long week of work stuffs, so his trip has come just in time. It will be good for him to get away with some friends and just hang out, fish, drink some beer, relax and not deal with the day to day grind. I'm still here and dealing with that stuff, but I think I'm going to be able to sneak out for a dive day here or there while he's gone, too, so it's all good!

Exnouth has had some rain this week and it's been cruddy the past several mornings (today was gorgeous but my back is killing me) so I haven't taken the Girls out for a presunrise walk in a few days. We did go out on July 1st and it was one of those over-the-top don't even believe it when you see it pre-dawns. The colours were crazy. I grabbed this with my little point & shoot as we were driving

The magnificent colours only lasted a short time once we got to the beach, but WOW while they did

On the way home we drove really slowly to try to find some kangaroos in photographically good locations - little darlin's are always just a tad too far away most mornings. Can't imagine why with the car and two big dogs hanging out the windows!

Not much other news at the moment, so I'll wish you all a great holiday weekend and leave with you a couple of my 2008 4th of July celebration's the closest I'll come this year!

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