Monday, July 13, 2009

Hey, look, no news!

Well, about the most exciting thing that we've done is go for a walk on the beach early Sunday morning.  It was gorgeous out. Pinks & lavendars, then ominous grey, crazy red-orange, pre-storm steel grey then magically cleared up and was happy sunshiney. We even had a beautiful full bow rainbow...too bad I'd decided to leave my wide angle lens at home coz my baby cam wasn't wide enough to get both ends in!

I worked at the dive shop for a lot of the day and waded through a bunch of accounts stuff since I've taken that job over from Dave now. It's not my most favouritist task, but it has to be done and I think I'm getting a handle on it pretty quickly. Of course, that could be wishful thinking LOL

Dave's been having a good time on his trip. His internet connection kinda sucks but he is posting little snippets on his blog - click and check it out.

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