Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's been a week

Pretty much that sums it up for me.  I'm not sure why but this week has kinda sucked.  It's been a few things personal and work-related specifically but more so just a lot of things in general.  Just one of those times, you know?  But the sun is shining and today's a new day so I'm sure things will be better from now on!

Dave is having a good time on his holiday, even though they've had a few day with less than stellar weather. He caught a beautiful big red snapper & Kelly got a shot of him trying to weigh it

Dave's started his own blog so he can keep you all up-to-date with his fishing, trips, fun stuff and all sorts -> check it out and follow along!

I took the Girlie-Whirlies to the beach today and they were crazy dogs. We had a great time and it was just gorgeous. The sunrise was supersaturated, then we had some cold grey light, then some brilliant gold, then just bright daytime ... I love the beach in the morning. We saw a few kangas on the way in and the way out. There were also a whole bunch hanging out down on the beach, down behind this little area where the water collects.

Not sure what's up here for the rest of the weekend. Some work, maybe a dive tomorrow, more walks with the doggies. Quiet, for sure.

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