Monday, July 6, 2009

More diving...from last week

I did get out for a couple of dives yesterday, but I'm no where close to having those images dealt with yet and since I haven't even shared the ones from last weekend yet, I thought I'd better do that!

We dived at one of my favourite sites - Bundegi Bommies inside Exmouth Gulf. This site is always teeming with life and it's rare that we don't see something really outstanding. On this dive I got to see a dugong! Sadly, no photos as I was all set up for shooting tiny creatures - and this dugong was huge! - and he stayed just far enough away that taking a pot shot of him would have resulted in just a grey outline, so I settled for a mind's eye photograph. I saw lots of other very cool things that I was able to take pictures are a few
Margined coralfish



Moridilla brockii nudibranch exploring a sea fan

Golden striped butterflyfish - juvenile hiding in the staghorn coral



Talked to Dave last night and he says they had a good first day of fishing. Didn't think they'd go out today because it looked like some weather was coming in, but it wasn't meant to be bad for long.

Conditions here are glorious and we've just started school holidays so the dive shop is pretty busy, which is a good thing! I'm having an office day today as there is a lot of stuff to deal with and taking a quiet day to let my back recover some more is probably a wise move. All I can say is, I love my heat packs!

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