Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New toy goes to the beach

My newest toy arrived yesterday (thanks, Dad!) and it is simply too cute for words

This little Canon SD 1200 IS (Canon IXUS 95 IS for those not in the USA) is smaller than a business card, weighs almost nothing and so far is excellent fun to use! I know what you're thinking "don't you already own a camera or two?" Well, yes. But not one as cute as this since the ancient Sony 2MP disappeared into the void that is my office. So I needed another cutie-cam (and the Sony really struggled with image goodness anyway, so even if I could find it I felt it was time to upgrade...yeah, that's it...). Size was my primary goal - it had to be as tiny & light as possible and still offer reasonable images. I've only used it last night at the beach with the Girls, but so far I'm happy with my choice. No doubt I will feel the need to share more of my impressions on this camera as I use it in a variety of conditions and you'll be reading all about it here (or skipping over the boring bits and just looking at the photos more likely)!

Here's Dave coming off SeaZone at the Marina. I don't know why Dave put this hat on me

Tilly loves having her head out the window and I got some funny looks as we were driving down the road hanging out the front window trying to shoot back towards her (Kids, don't try this yourself. I'm a trained professional.)

Dora is all like "Fantabulous, Mom has a new camera. Oh joy. Oh rapture."

I didn't do a lot of experimenting but here's a shell - full frame on the bottom and two crops. I thought for a quickie that the image was pretty sharp and the massive crops are pretty good considering the limitations of this class of camera. (For those looking hard, there is some funky stuff happening due to the resizing for web, next time I do one of these I'll be more careful but I can't be bothered doing it for these, sorry ;) )

And just us having a little beach cuddle

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