Thursday, September 3, 2009

Well,'s September

I had good intentions of starting September off right with a pithy post about how August had gone and about my big plans for September.  Then real life happened and I haven't had the time or energy to take all of the photos that I had dancing in my head or to sit down and get my swirling thoughts down on the screen.  So you've got this mini post instead, I trust you can use your imagination to fill in the blanks!

I know you are all just holding your breath to find out how the De-Clutter-a-thon went. It was such a smashing success in the first week, I decided to extend it to the rest of August, too. That made for 15 days at 10 items per day. And yes, I did toss (or donate) 150 items. In fact, I passed that number quite tidily. And still I have too much stuff.

I bought this shimmering, colour changing formal dress back in 2006 for the ball after the sinking of the HMAS Perth down in Albany. Can you see me in this?

I had a broken foot at the time so wasn't allowed to dive the new wreck or get up and boogie at the ball, but I still had a good time (and got in a few special one footed moves on the dance floor). I'll likely post it on the local noticeboard since the school ball is coming up. If no one takes it, off it goes to donation. Does anyone else find it interesting that this dress is the same colour as our really cool beach buggy?

I hit my closet a second time and found a whole load more stuff to get rid of, most of it is being donated to a women's shelter and anything that wasn't worthy got tossed.

I could have almost done the whole 15 day quota with what I found under our bathroom sink. I don't know why I insist on not throwing stuff away that is over two years old...and some of this is WAY over two years old. Makeup (most that I've never worn), nail polish, almost empty bottles of whatever, broken toothbrushes (how do they end up under there in the first place??), razor blades to long forgotten razors, perfume (even Chanel 5 doesn't last forever), Alice hair bands & broken hair clips. Gone, gone, gone. Honestly, I could probably do another week's worth under there but I lost interest, as I do...

It wasn't all ME ME ME in the Great De-Clutter-a-thon of '09, no siree. I also reclaimed our laundry room. It had become a bit of a storage room for luggage, buckets, pet food, chair covers that we couldn't be bothered folding or actually putting on the chairs, cleaning supplies and all manner of other random items. And piles of laundry waiting for cleaning. Trying to actually get to the washing machine had become a bit of a 4x4 adventure as one had to clamber over this and that then push the big stuff out of the way just to do a load of laundry. And Dave and I hate to do laundry anyway, so you can imagine. But now it's a wonderland - clean counters, tidy storage cupboards, our dirty laundry is tucked away in its custom built cabinet, the pet food is stored neatly and it's a joy to ... ok, I'm getting a bit carried away, but it is nice to have conquered that room.

Along with tossing some extraneous stuff from my living space, I have also tried to toss some from my body. I have a bit of an addiction thing happening with the ol' Coca Cola and I gave in to it during most of August after over two months of pretty much none at all. The upside of my multi-bottle-a-day habit is that I'm extraordinarily fussy about my Coke. Ask Dave - he hates it. I'll crack one, take a swig and if the bite isn't JUST SO, I'm done with that bottle. Sometimes I have to crack open two or three to get one that's right. I don't drink the others. And usually I don't drink the right one either, just the first 1/3 or so. It's kind of pathetic really. But I've been Coke free for a week now so we'll see if I can keep the ingestion to a minimum and not go down the freak path again.

Anyhoo, I really really wanted to take masses of photos of the riveting variety of items I decided to chuck, but I didn't. I should have, I know, but the cameras were all snug in their new homes and it seemed a shame to mess up what I'd just put away!

Can't let a post go up without a photo of one of the furry ones so here's Tilly asking just what it is I think I'm doing throwing out that perfectly good pile of string that used to be her chew rope

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