Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday snippets

Let's start with some awesome news.  Well, for those of you in the US anyway.  United has just dropped their airfares to Australia AGAIN.  Right now there's a special deal for $699 LA Sydney LA PLUS five nights accommodation - check with them to see if you can extend your stay and see more of the country before flying home.  Click here! It would be so nice to get deals going the other direction one day... Thanks once again to my friend Amber for keeping me up-to-date on all these great deals!

Now some sad news. We have a dead humpback whale caught up in the intertidal zone at one of our beaches here in Exmouth. It's just a wee bit north of where I usually walk the dogs so we are avoiding that area except at very low tide as I don't want the dogs in the water anywhere near the carcass. There's a little more news and an extra link over on our Exmouth Diving Centre blog.

The whale has been sick for a few days and yesterday it finally, thankfully, died. It had become severely blistered from the constant sun and predators didn't waste any time helping the cycle of life along. I went out this morning right at day break after walking the dogs. It's pretty incredible to be able to walk right up to the whale (it was low tide, but the water was coming in fast). If you get queasy, now is the time to scroll

Dave is still out on the boat with the guys at ManCamp '09 but I expect them back later this afternoon. It will be nice to see him again - I know it's only been a couple of days but it seems like longer. And not just because I need him to fix the shower...

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