Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A houseful of characters

I love our pets.  Not only are they all totally adorable and cuddly, but they offer hours of amusement.

One of the canine's favourite toys is Tiger Shark. You might remember him from earlier this year when Dora had a big quiet snuggle. He usually elicits grroows and grumbles when they pick him up as for some reason they believe there's more chance of the humans playing if they kick the cute factor up a couple of notches by talking to us. It, of course, works every time. We are suckers.

When a human gets involved, so must the Sister. And that can make for a bit of dangerous playtime in our teensy living room - especially if one is also trying to get some "action shots" as two big dogs play rough and tumble right under (and through) one's legs. So this the best I could do the other day. I think the psycho eyes caused by the baby camera's flash add a little something, something, don't you?

Dora ended up the winner and wasn't half smug about the whole thing.

Ms Dora has been quite playful the past few days, but primarily her goal is as much naptime during a day as possible. Exmouth had a few days of well over 90F (33C) this week and where was Mama's Dog? Snuggled under the blankie, of course. We are so cold blooded after living here for so long!

The couch has become the new dog nap place. Yes, we should be better about enforcing the "no dogs on the couch" rule, but, really, what do you think the odds are of that happening? Yeah, me, too.

I mean, c'mon, they are special after all.

And who'd have the energy since we'd also have to enforce the "no animals in bed" rule

I am aware that is not the most flattering angle possible for's either the angle or he needs to stop snarfing all of the kittie food each night, I'll let you be the judge.

I've been a good little domestic chica lately. I've cooked two meals in a row that were actually very good. Yay me. And there were leftovers from last night so that's even better. I love tacos, though they are so messy when I overstuff them with veggies. Lucky thing I have MatildaLily to tidy up any scraps that may have fallen on the counter...

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