Sunday, September 13, 2009

September is zooming away!

I don't know how it can possibly be the middle of September already, but that's what my calendar is telling me.  Settle in for a long cacth up post today!

Dave & I have been working every day at the dive shop itself and it's going pretty well - most days we try to trade off mornings or afternoons so we can each get other things done, too. We are extremely quiet so we are getting a lot of maintenance and organizing and cleaning ticked off the list. Some days there is only so much of that you can stand, though, so we have our share of moments of pure boredom, too. Hopefully things will get busier as we head in to school holidays.

We've tried to get out to the beach with the dogs now and again. I went through a little spell where I wouldn't bother to take the camera out of the car much. I always regret it when I don't take one (and have a solution coming soon!) as I love to see how happy the Girls are when I go through the photos or when I'm stuck inside!

Dora is still very patient with Tilly and I'm still surprised since Til has to be all up in her face almost 100% of the time. Dora will let MatildaLily know when the line has been crossed, though I'm not sure that information is retained for future use

Tilly continues to have two speeds: all out and stopped. Stopped usually lasts about 1.3 seconds...if you're lucky

Photography has been busy! I have been shooting a nice variety of things and filling a lot of orders. I have another busy photography week ahead, too. I can't tell you how much I love having this business - doesn't matter if I'm out shooting, talking with a client to arrange a session for them, checking out new gear for the future or working on the images, I simply adore all of it! I'll be posting some new photos later this week - probably!

I joined the Worldwide Moment this year on 9th September. It's a cool global project for peace that everyone can participate in no matter what camera (or camera phone!) you have, no matter where you live and no matter what you are doing at that precise moment in time. The gallery for 2009 isn't up quite yet but should be soon. You can see 2008's gallery here - I find it fascinating to see the enormous variety of perspectives and places all done at the same time!

My 09.09.09 Worldwide Moment came at 0809 on Wednesday morning. Both doglets had jumped into bed to "help" me sleep in. I was tucked in between them like a burrito but managed to snake a hand out to take a shot of Dora - who was totally not interested in the momentous occasion. Or in Tilly jumping on and off the bed a zillion times in a row...

I don't really remember which day Dave and I made a beach dinner date, but it was sometime last week :) I was home that afternoon so prepared some yummy bbq food stuffs and once Dave got home from work we loaded up the car and headed off to Mowbowra Creek to watch the sunset over the Gulf and just do nothing for a while.

Dave and I have been trying to make some good meals again after a spell of being really slack. The other night he made a fabulous roast pork (omg YUMM) and a whole heap of veggies including some fresh corn on the cob. As he was preparing it I thought it looked too pretty not to take a photo of so I made him go out to the backyard for a couple of shots..he's so silly sometimes!

The kitties do feel a little left out some days (Dave was talking about bringing Lobo down to the beach with us - can you see this??) though mostly I think they are just giving us looks so we will hurry up and give them food

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Gilsner said...

Great update! Your kabobs and salad look so delicious! I'm always amazed that your BBQ is so low to the ground and the dogs don't try a run-by for some food (heck, if I were there I'd try it!). Those are very well behaved (and cute!) pups! :)