Monday, September 14, 2009

Retro 2000 U.S. Election Goodness

I have to give a big shout out to my 'net bud Gilsner at I'd Rather Be a Smartass for this video.  She did a post this week that reminded me of a great trip up the West Coast my mom and I did during the height of the election madness between Al Gore and George W Bush in 2000.

We first watched this gem at some skanky motel along the interstate somewhere like Oregon.  You know the one I mean - next to the gas station, with an onsite restaurant and the big ass cement retaining wall blocking the traffic noise of the 7 zillion cars zooming past at 80mph.

We were riding a sugar high from the masses of 1/2 priced Halloween candy we'd stocked up on before heading out on this journey - I can still see the pile of wrappers in my mind's eye, gawd, I LOVE those baby candy bars! - plus a bit of a fried food rush from the fried mozzarella sticks, french fries and lord only remembers what else we'd just ordered to take away back to our room from the "restaurant" next to the motel.

We only saw this commercial once but it has stayed with us all these years and we routinely mangle our favourite quote to "my daddy invented pants".  It was such a memorable ad that I even infected Dave with it and we, too, often joke about "inventing pants".  So enjoy...

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Gilsner said...

lol, love it! And thanks for the shout out (and the new catchphrase!). I also love mini-sized chocolate bars! Somehow it seems easier, and not so guilt-ridden, to eat a bazillion of them... after all you have to have one of each variety ;)