Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our new addition - NOT!

I know its gorgeous.

I know its soft.  I know its got big bright blue eyes.  I know its totally cuddly, snuggly and loves to purr.

We do not need a new kitten.

We did have to bring it home for the moment, just until we can get the signs up and until someone comes to claim this itty bitty bundle of cuteness. Dora is pretty relaxed about the new arrival. She's already given it some kisses and head butts. Kitteh sat quietly on my lap, didn't scratch, didn't hiss, didn't get bothered by the sloppy puppy kisses...good kitteh!

MatildaLily, on the other hand, took one far away sniff and bolted out of the house under her hiding plant. I have no idea why. She's a dingbat.

Someone in Exmouth is missing a kitty so please spread the word so we can return it to its real human.

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