Sunday, May 4, 2008

All dogs

I feel like I've been neglecting my photo taking of the puppies lately so over the past few days I've tried to be better during our beach walks. This post is almost all dog.

Before the puppy antics, I just wanted to let you know that Dave is out of the hospital and is doing well. He has to do another blood test on Monday, but then hopefully he can come home from Perth!

I was a little upset the other day when we hit the beach before work as there were empty cans and other rubbish all over...people are pigs. Especially upsetting since this area is usually so pristine!

Tilly is, of course, just as crazy as ever. One of her favourite games is still to grab a cuttlefish bone and taunt Dora with it. Even when Dora isn't paying any attention Tilly still zooms past her, just in case...because when you least expect it Dora will take off after her!

They do get along great and even share a few moments of peace - before Tilly starts in annoying Dora again.

Although very patient, Dora has her limits and can turn around and give as good as she gets

Some days I get lucky and can even get some halfway decent photos of them just being sweet and pretty

Tilly watching a seagull fly away and debating whether or not to give chase - which she did

There have been quite a few roos on the road out to the beach lately and I keep trying to sneak up on them to take some photos, but the baby camera isn't quite up to the task. One day there were even two roos fighting in road, but by the time we rolled close enough, they had tumbled into the bush. It was still neeat to watch. There are actually four roos in the photo - one day I'll have my good camera with me!

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