Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hurray! A baby's coming!

Scared ya, didn't I!

No, it's not Dave & me, it's a new facet of my business, Kristin Anderson Photography, that I am introducing properly.
Exmouth seems to have a lot of pregnancies, so I'm hoping that maternity and newborn sessions will become a good part of Kristin Anderson Photography as it's such a joyous time and the moms-to-be are radiant.

Sunday afternoon I did my first ever maternity session with our friends, Steve & Louise, who are expecting their first child in July. It went so well that we added a sunset beach session on Tuesday so they could have even more photographs to remember this incredible time in their lives. They are both so thrilled and excited about the baby - it's totally infectious and their love really shines through in the photos.

There are more on the KJAPhotos Blog too...

Back in my normal life, it's still all about our dogs LOL They're just too fun. We had to move some buses around yesterday for the tours, so I took the Girls with me to Tantabiddi for a play on a different beach.
The rare "two butt Ridgeback"

MatildaLily frolicking as Dora prepares to charge

Dora strolling back after snuffling some tasty morsel out of the sand

During our morning beach walk, Tilly found another plastic bag. This one had someone's leftover nasty sandwich or something and it smelled horrible. So, of course, Til had to roll in it before giving it to me

Dora came to check it out, but both girls lost interest pretty quickly

There are no bins on the beach so we got to drive home with it - peeeuuuu! We had all the windows down and it was still barely tolerable. Gross.

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