Monday, May 19, 2008

Going buggy!

Some days I don't have too much free time to get out and about away from the office, so it's a good thing our backyard provides some great photographic subjects! The downside is that these stupid grasshoppers are putting ugly holes in all the leaves of one of our hibiscus bushes, but there doesn't seem to be any way of stopping them.

I find them gross, but intriguing - especially with my 100 2.8 macro lens to really showoff the details

And the colours against our brilliant blue skies are kind of cool

Cheeky buggers will prepare to eat a new leaf even when you're standing right there

Ultimately, though, they're just icky

Caterpillars have completely stripped our neighbours tree of leaves - I wish I had a photo of the beautiful, huge canopy it used to have, instead of just the aftermath.

There are hundreds of them still on the branches and they have migrated to the neighbours palm tree now. Every now and again you see or hear one fall off into the's very creepy.

I don't know what this fly was doing, but he'd land on a branch then feel the caterpillar for a while before heading off again.

There are a million cocoons throughout the branches

We also have the strangest spider. He likes to hang upside down with his body bent backwards.

He's also got a few little tidbits wrapped up and waiting for dinner

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