Saturday, May 17, 2008

Office bound

This week has been spent mostly in the office dealing with emails & other work things. I have also been creating Jeni & Matt's wedding album for their approval. In April I was privileged to photograph their beautiful Exmouth wedding at Bundegi Beach and their reception at the Ningaloo Novotel Resort. Here's a sneak peek at a page

I'll have a few more pages up on Kristin Anderson Photography Blog later today.

It's been pretty windy most mornings, so the Girls and I have only gotten out a couple of times. We made up for it with afternoon walks, but there's just something about starting my day watching the sun rise over the Gulf that I miss! Today was better so hopefully the early morning winds are gone for a while.

We've been out a few times with Ross, Mary and Digger and Digger is even starting to "play" with Tilly a little bit. OK, OK. Mostly it's Tilly annoying him to the point of reaction, but we like to call it playing!

Waiting for Ross to throw the ball

Tilly comes up with it and runs away

Digger and Dora don't play much together, but once in a while Dig will kind of walk with her - especially if she's carrying something interesting. In this case it's a huge shell Tilly started with but promptly relinquished

I keep trying to snap some good shots of the dogs when the sun first casts its glorious gold light over the beach, but neither have been particularly cooperative in the whole endeavour. Til's just a goof and goes a million miles an hour most of the time

This is what happened when I asked them to sit

and then when I used my "mom" voice

MatildaLily loves to ride with her head out the window with the wind in her ears and in her gums - you can hear them flapping sometimes

With her behaviour inside the car, I prefer when she has her head out

Dora is much more refined when she looks out the window - she doesn't really like the gum flappin part

Tilly can sit quietly in the car, but usually it means she's on top of Dora

or trying to come into the front seat

But my favourite time is when we get back to the house and we're ready to get out of the car

She can look just precious, like this brief moment in the backyard the other day

Inside, she's rediscovered the big blue ball

Dora remains unimpressed

And Funky Chicken is still one of her favourite toys, despite some strange ocular disease that has afflicted him (and all of her other animals!)

Dave has been working on the boats and taking a few days here and there to get out to do fishing. It's been awesome to have fresh fish again! Harry's always the first one in the kitchen when he suspects there's been a successful day out!

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