Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Water water water

That's been the theme for these past few days, for sure.

The Girls and I have been hitting the beach in the mornings, but not quite as early since we are coming in to winter and I'm letting the sun take the chill out of the morning before we head down!

Dora is getting more active every time we go out, it seems. The two dogs really get into their playing

and sometimes I get into their playing as they plow through me with no regard for my well-being at all

They found a great "stick" but couldn't figure out how to carry it

There are even moments when they aren't trying to bump, nip and annoy each other - even if Tilly is still being a total goof-head

So much for me being the pack leader

but Dora can be a good dog

As the evenings have been getting cooler, Dave and I decided to ramp up the ol' hot tub for the first time in ages. It was so nice to just do nothing with some cold beverages under the stars

Dora waited patiently for us to be done...she's not very keen on the whole spa thing

Tilly used the opportunity to stand on the chair - after Dora got off of it - to explore the high table

Monday I took some time off to head out on my first Whale Shark Adventure of the season. We had a family on an exclusive, so I thought it was the perfect time to jump on board and have the fewest possible people. Turns out only two of them got in the water and only one of them got in for all the drops! It was great.
We had whale sharks popping up everywhere and I swam with five different ones before we headed back for the mooring - at 1130!! Our "regular" boat stayed with the whale sharks for several more hours, but the family were tired and ready to go home much earlier than expected.

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