Friday, May 23, 2008

It's been a long week already! Dave's feet are really bad so he's been quite restricted in what he can do for the past few days. I so wish there was something we could find that would help him beat this thing as not only is he in pain a lot of the time, but we just can't do so many things because some days he can barely even walk. You'd think that with the zillion tests he's had done someone somewhere could figure out some relief.

On the work-front, I've been super busy with emails and preparing new things for the cruise ships that are scheduled to come in throughout this year and into next year. The whale sharks have been awesome but I haven't had a chance to get out on even one tour yet! I'm hoping in the next week or so I can take a day just for them. The weather is beautiful with calm breezes, warm temperatures and flat seas - it's meant to be this way well into next week, so I'm hoping to get out of the office at least once!

The Girls and I took a few days off from our usual beach walks due to being too lazy to get out of bed on a couple of very cold mornings and then one day Tilly slammed into Dora so hard Dora ended up limping most of the day. We got back out yesterday and everyone's much happier now!

Til is always a good citizen on the beach - she finds plastic bags and after she's killed them, she drops them for me to pick up and carry home

She's very proud of herself

Yesterday we saw this stick. Someone has clearly stuck it in the sand and the tide didn't wash it away. It was very strange to see this thing sticking straight up out of the sand at the water's edge. Dora wouldn't share, even though it was well over four feet long

She is often quite proud of herself, too

All three of us are picking our pace up on the beach each day. It's just so glorious to be out there before the sun is up and just enjoying being for a while before the hectic day starts. It's all too much for Dora some days, and she sneaks a quick car nap in on the way home

or watches traffic behind us as MatildaLily happily destroys some treasure (in this case a manky old diving mask she found washed up on the beach one day)

Her attention span still isn't very long so she's here, there and every where in the six minutes it takes us to drive home!

Tilly is up to her tricks in the garden with a re-dug hole and a brand new one, too. Dave tried to fill them in the other day, but I don't have high hopes for regrowth!

Boof continues to believe that it's all a bad dream

Inside, it's a good thing she's cute - this used to be a chair cover

Usually both Girls have a little afternoon siesta together

and some days Dora really seems to love having Til near

Other days, I get the distinct feeling that she'd be just as happy by herself on the mat

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