Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dave's home

Dave finally got back from Perth on Thursday. He's feeling much better and is ready to head back to work tomorrow. Today he's out fishing with a couple of friends who are up for a break, so hopefully we will have fresh fish for dinner!

I haven't been doing much except working. The dive shop is steady and there are always lots of emails to answer and agents to help. I am getting excited about my upcoming trip - only about 7 weeks to go! I can't believe how long it has been since I have been to San Francisco, so I am very much looking forward to spending time with Mom at the beginning and end of my trip.

Boof is being a bit of a nutbag lately, finding the strangest places to have a snooze or watch the world go by from. Here he is in our mango tree pot - that little plant to the side of him you may remember from a previous's the tree that Tilly ate the top off! Doesn't seem to have done it much harm.

Dora, MatildaLily and I have been enjoying our early morning beach walks every day.

Some days the light has been amazing

Our walk usually lasts between 40-50 minutes and we try to get to the point before we turn around. It has some great rocks and overlooks a nice bay area. I keep trying to get a nice photo of the two girls there, but they aren't particularly cooperative

I'm trying to get out and done before 7am or so as there seem to be some oldie fishermen invading my beach just after and I hate having to drag the leads along with me. I'm selfish, I feel these people should find their own beach!

We went out one afternoon at really low tide and found the coolest stuff! Dora kept harassing crabs and they kept standing up for themselves - they'd wave their claws and she'd leap straight up and away from them!

Mary spotted this cool nudibranch all covered in silt and out of the water. I know he blends in pretty well, but we're excited to see him!

And sea stars in the sand

Tilly is, well, Tilly. She's still incredibly naughty a lot of the time, but she does have her entertainingly cute moments

...followed by more naughty moments - this used to be my beach going watch

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