Monday, June 9, 2008

Back to the beach

Sunday morning Tilly and I met up with a friend and her 1 year old chocolate lab, Bailey, for a puppy play date. We left Dora at home for this initial romp as I thought it would be easier to control only one maniac at a time! The morning was beautiful and warm, if a bit breezy on the return trip. Tilly and Bailey ran and chased each other the whole time - I think both dogs were pretty tuckered out by the end! They got along really well and we are planning to have all three dogs out with us next time. MatildaLily was so tuckered she even snoozed on the drive home! I didn't take any photos of the walk as the dogs were zooming all over and when they were close it was usually only butt shots available. Next time.

Dave set up a nice outing for us in the afternoon. He threw in our beach chairs and a well stocked esky and we drove out to a deserted area of beach. The Girls came with us, of course, and were a little worried that we weren't going any where good as we stopped to get some ice.

Dora kept giving me the evil eye- you tricked us, again, we're not getting out of the car, are we?

Fine, I'll just have a little car nap

The little dog almost drives me to drink...

Meanwhile, Tilly is checking to see what she can reach and destroy in the back

Dora reclaims the seat and the view

Tilly in motion trying to make Dora share

Sigh, she's so tiring!

Mom, can't you DO something - she's touching me!

Once we hit the beach they were off cavorting with no regard to personal safety or to how much sand they were flicking at us as they ran by

Til is such a goof

There's one sure fire way to get the Girls to pay attention - have food around. The looks they were giving Dave as he prepared some snacks were pretty intense

And all attention shifts as the plate does

Portrait of a "good dog"

The cause

It was overcast, cold and very very windy, so I was, of course, totally rugged up. But it was still beautiful to sit and watch the ospreys hunt, the fish thrash around in the shallows and the boats banging their way back to the marina.

We set up next to an outlet and the tide was running out hard. There's been a lot of water movement through here lately and it's carved out a significant bank.

Unfortunately for Dora, the edges aren't quite stable enough for her bulk

And neither girl was too graceful on the way up!

But once up there, they thought they were pretty cool, what with their synchronized ear display

I got caught being goofy, too, so at least we know where the girls get it from

and of course they found something to destroy

The sky was a nice backdrop as you looked up at the dogs on the top

too bad Dora doesn't "Sit & Stay" very well

She just has to come be closer to you

Running along the rushing water seemed like lots of fun

And there were plenty of roots sticking out to dig around

and play tug-of-war with

though it's often a short game as one player insists that the whole rope is hers and the other beats a hasty retreat!

"Fetch" was a bit of a challenge as the sweeping tide ripped the stick out to sea

MatildaLily must have really worn herself out earlier because as we were packing the car, she popped inside and just waited for us - this is unheard of. Usually she's off on one more big romp - and if there's water around, even better - to get really sandy before having to be coaxed and tricked into the car!

She just couldn't get comfy sitting nicely by herself

So she climbed over Dora to sit on her again

Dora put up with it, but we heard the long-suffering sighs

This morning I accidentally slept in a little bit so was running late getting the camera to the dive shop. Since I had to take it down anyway, I threw on some sweats, loaded the dogs and went out for our first early morning beach walk in a while. It's been so cold here in the mornings, often in single digits! This morning was nice and warm and the sky was gorgeous.

On the little access road there were roos off to each side for the whole length. Again I kicked myself for not bringing a real camera with me. Maybe tomorrow. My poor little Olympus 720SW, while rugged and waterproof, sucks in low light and even in good light it's slow as dirt and misses focus as many times as it gets it. But it can take a good beating from the Tilly-Monster, so it's the dog camera of choice right now. Here's a small group of roos

This was looking to the north of the Gulf

This was right after that looking to the south - crazy difference. And crazy dog thinking she's going to catch those birds

...but she tried and gave a merry chase

She was mighty pleased with her efforts

Dora alternated between strolling along

chasing Til

being chased by Til

and practicing listening to her mom...that needs some work!

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