Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Going retro

In my quest to find a better ultra compact camera since the Oly 720SW is driving me crazy, I dug out a camera I haven't touched in well over a year. A Casio EX-Z750 that came into my possession by accident about two years ago. Turns out there was still a memory card inside this thing so I downloaded to see what was there. So here's a little trip down memory lane...

My Grandmother & me at the lake house, celebrating Christmas 2006

View from the lake house one afternoon

Dave doing the special "chase the damned Canada Geese off the path" dance

Dave and Dad gathering corn for the squirrels

The men getting technical with picture hanging at Dad's workshop

Flushed with success - and, yes, real men DO have pink tape measures!

Lizard in Mexico during our foray to the mainland before we got married on Cozumel

Our good friends, Ross & Mary pre-dive at the hotel in Cozumel

My best chica, Amber, did a fabulous job with our hotel room for our wedding night

I had to take my own details shots of my flowers and shoes the day after as we were rushing around getting ready to head to the airport

And back in Australia, the boys went fishing before our Exmouth wedding celebrations began. This is our friend Darren with a mahi-mahi

I'm recharging the battery (you know, just in case, it has been 18 months or so and it probably needs it) to see if it still holds a charge, but with a quick review of the wide variety of images on the card, this camera blows the Oly out of the water for image quality. It's pretty rugged, pity it's not waterproof, but you can't have everything! If the battery works, or if I can find a replacement, I think I just saved myself $200 by not having to buy yet another compact!

Only 16 more sleeps until I'm on a plane - yippee!

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