Thursday, June 26, 2008

One more sleep!

Only one more sleep before I start another epic journey back to the United States! Surprisingly, I am pretty much organized already...well, at least I know where my passports are! Laundry is happening, lists are being created, bit & bobs are getting piled up around the house ready for packing. I don't leave until just after noon tomorrow, so have plenty of time for those last minute things!

Had a bit of a logistical scare yesterday. Skywest rang me to advise of a schedule change for my return trip in August; she said "Your flight from Learmonth to Perth is now 30 minutes later."

I was most suprised by this as I will be in PERTH and flying back to Learmonth!

She insisted that the flights booked were from Perth to Learmonth on Friday 27th June and returning in August! I was very upset and said "I couldn't have made that kind of an error. I live in Exmouth and need to be on that flight Friday!"

I checked my itinerary, and sure enough, I don't know how I did it, but I booked myself backasswards for this trip! You'd think I'd done this enough times to at least know where I was starting from! Luckily there was a seat at the same fare for tomorrow, so I'm all set. Had to pay a little bit extra for the return trip, but considering it was my colossal error, I wasn't too worried about it. What a gomer I am.

This week has been mostly getting things ready for my trip, but I couldn't pass up the wonderful conditions we had over the past couple of days. I jumped on our Whale Shark Adventures Tuesday & Wednesday. We had incredible whale sharks starting from 1015 each day! Love those early sharks!

I can't even remember how many we swam with over the two days - all I know is that I haven't done that much swimming in over a year and my legs still feel all wobbly! I took my camera, of course, but probably won't find much time to process photos before I leave so I'll have a little treat when I get back. Here are two that I've quickly whipped up for the web...

Here's some of our group swimming with the big beastie right alongside the boat

We also had dolphins playing on the bow, humpback whales cruising along the coast, a hammerhead swimming along the surface, turtles popping up everywhere and tons of other marine life to keep up enchanted when we weren't in the water with the whale sharks.

Dave and I have been taking advantage of the cool nights to unwind in the spa with a cold drink and some good conversation. The animals are always entertaining so we keep the waterproof camera within reach and Dave, of course, had to test it out to see if it the hot bubbly water would hurt it...seems fine!

Everyone has to come check out what's happening in case they are missing out.
Tilly at full speed

and confused

Lobo checking things out before deciding water is not the best option

Tilly is still naughty and killed another savage cushion the other day, so we remain safe from attack

She thought Lobo looked a little lonely under the chair, so decided to play with him for a while

Lobo was not amused

Dora stood by watching the action and covertly covered the back escape route, just in case

Tilly finally gave up but kept a close watch as Lobo hunkered in and ignored her

Just in case you are thinking "Poor Kitty!" - some days I let Til be the disciplinarian coz Lobo can be quite naughty, too. I found him camped out in my office right on top of my camera gear the other day

I doubt I'll get anything more posted before I head out tomorrow, but watch this space as I will hopefully be adding lots of fun stuff from San Francisco over the next week. I can't wait to get there!

For those trying to get into either or please try again tomorrow. There is currently a problem with the server, but I'm hopeful it will all be resolved within 24 hours. This also means that email to those two addresses is not working today, so if you need me, send email to me at and I'll get it before I go! The images for previous blog entries are on the same server, so all of the image are missing today - they will be back!

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