Saturday, June 21, 2008

Six days until the U.S.

As the time draws closer for my upcoming trip, things are in a whirlwind here as I make sure that all things are arranged and all bases are covered in my absence. On a more selfish level, I'm trying to also get things done early so in case the weather improves I can sneak out for one more day on the water before I get on a plane! The "to do" list is getting shorter so hopefully it won't be a mad rush in the final few days...hey, it could happen!

Dave has been working furiously to get one of our boats, Concord, ready so her inner parts could be shipped to Perth for repairs. She's been out of commission for a while now and we are anxious to get her back and running. It was a long, dirty job, but we're hopeful that the new parts will be back to us quickly for the reverse process. As he finished up, the sunset turned the sky over Gulf some amazing colours and the full moon was huge as it made its way into the sky - I know it doesn't look HUGE here, but it was, I swear.

I finally found the missing Kong toy that Mary gave Tilly a while back. Til has decided that she loves it and really gives it a workout while we are in the car. I keep it in the car in the hopes that it will entertain her enough to stop her from chewing seats, seat belts, my hat, the towels, her sister...

Dora does think she's a dork and looks on with moderate disgust at such "doggie" enthusiasm

...which is warranted when Tilly gets it flipped the long way up

...and then Til gets a little crazy eyed when it pops out of her mouth.

Both Girls are super crazy on the beach lately...hope Dave is ready for long walks! Tilly loves bounding up the dunes

and Dora even bounds, too - I have proof!

Dora is still the owner of all things found on the beach

but MatildaLily lives in hope that she will be allowed to play, too

Tilly is quite happy to wander away from us as we are walking, but she doesn't stay away long and always comes thundering back at full speed

Our walking mate, Digger, takes a more casual approach once he has his beloved ball and just cruises along behind us

Dora enjoyed some peace and quiet on the ride home while Tilly was undoubtedly destroying something else in the back of the car

They were both really tired when we got home - no wonder, both Girls took off to play in the stagnant water again and would not come back for ages. I just let them run - figured it was better to work it off there than in our back garden!

After a little rest, Tilly was counter-surfing and found my packs of tea, which she then played with next to a plant she had pruned earlier

Our gardeners came yesterday and Tilly had to help them

Oooo! A pile of stuff just for me!

Yeah, put it in there...that's FUN

Of course, a little dumpster diving yields treasure

She wasn't overly excited about the blower, but her curiosity wasn't strong enough to overcome her silly puppy freakiness

and she ran inside with a goofy grin on her face

before collapsing and giving me one of her looks...

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