Saturday, June 14, 2008


It's been very chilly here in the early mornings and evenings, so I guess it's true that winter is here to stay. Dave is in Perth and says it's freezing there, too. I'm hating it as all I want to do is make more soup, curl up with a good book and turn the heater on. Even the Girls are starting to need a blanket,

though usually it ends up being a game with Tilly pulling it all over the house or Dora protecting it from her!

Tilly is learning how to curl up into ever tighter balls...if she'd stop playing with the blanket, she'd be a lot warmer!

I often get the sad, confused look when she's trying to go to sleep:
I'd really like my blanket now

We've been hanging out in the backyard throughout the day as my office is freezing as we need the breaks to defrost. Dora believes that it's perfectly fine to sit on the chair with me and have a little zen time

If I keep my eyes squished shut, maybe the little dog will go away

Perhaps I will just look at something over here

Boy, that water is refreshing! Let me come drool on mom a little bit...

Tilly doesn't really do meditation, but she sure does naughty
Aloe vera plant? What aloe vera plant?

I would never touch your shoes!

C'mon, look at this face

you gotta let me stay in the office!

I don't know where this came from, but I think it's part of the reticulation for the garden?

It was just laying there, honest!

Dora is even shocked at the destruction

Sometimes Tilly plays with her own toys, like this tennis ball that she's popped and pulled all the fur off

And sometimes, she is able to amuse herself...silly dog, yes, that is your tail!

Funky chicken, as skanky as he is, remains a favourite and takes new punishment every day

She will wait patiently to get into trouble sometimes.
Mom, get on this thing so I can bite the pedals and your ankles, 'K?

Dora prefers to watch in a more dignified manner

as she prepares for another mid-afternoon nap with a big yawn

Boof has taken to lounging in the chair on the patio all day long

Both Girls will wait expectantly for him to jump down so they can chase him

but mostly he just stands his ground and looks up for cuddles

before flopping back for a bit of a bath in a patch of sun

We are a household of simple pleasures!

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