Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The countdown begins...10 more days

I can't believe how fast the year is going. I'm now ten days away from my return visit to the US and I'm very much looking forward to it. I have a lot planned during this trip including my first visit to San Francisco in years! Here's the overview of the schedule:
27 June - depart Exmouth to Perth with quite a long layover. I land at 1330 and don't leave again until 2300. Then I fly to San Francisco via Tokyo.
28 June - land San Francisco and spend the next 4 days with Mom.
02 July - catch the redeye out to Sioux Falls then on to Dad's.
10 July - out of Minneapolis to Miami to join up with a huge scuba event in the Florida Keys
14 July - back to Minneapolis and then to Dad's
19 July - Spirit Lake High School 20th Reunion
29 July - Sioux Falls to San Francisco
02 Aug - back to Australia
I'd love to catch up with as many people as possible, so if we haven't already made plans, please email me and we'll work something out!

In other news, Dave flew back from Perth yesterday and it's great to have him home. Both Girls went a bit crazy when he walked in the door - definitely glad to have their dad home again! We headed out for a couple of drinks at the Novotel in the evening to celebrate his return and to just relax together for a while before having to jump right back into work today.

Dave's feet are really bad again and we're getting very frustrated with not being able to find something that allows him some relief. I have a shopping list of things to bring back for him, but they are all more band-aids than solutions, unfortunately. It's going to be especially hard for him while I'm gone as the Girls need good long walks each day.

Speaking of the Girls, no post would be complete without more photos of them. I know this blog is dog heavy, but pretty much that's what we take photos of...action shots of me typing yet another email would be pretty dull!

It's been cold here in the mornings, stop me if I've complained about this before LOL, but give the sun a little time and days have been glorious. We've been doing two good beach walks most days including some romping through the dunes.

Tilly loves zooming up and over the hills

Dora takes a more leisurely approach to the terrain

Digger joins us on some walks and even sort of interacts with the Girls now and again

but mostly Tilly is too insane for his tastes and the two Girls play just a little too rough for him

The other morning was finally warm(ish) but very overcast. We headed out pretty early and had a great walk followed by a huge play in a big puddle of disgusting, stagnant water. I was thrilled to have both girls in the car with the windows closed on they way home - peeeuuuww! Oh, why do we have to have the windows closed? Because Tilly has decided that once we get to the house, she can jump out the window all by herself, thank you very much!
East over the Gulf

West across the manky bit of water

I am the Stick Master...when Dora isn't looking!

In the gross water. I think Tilly's eyes suit her...


Preparing to leap back into the nasty mess

By the time she was done she was almost completely black with the muck she had managed to stir off the bottom.
Back at the house, Boof was asleep on his chair...again.

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