Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Low tide

We are back on late afternoon low tides, so hit the beach so the dogs can explore the tide pools. Dora especially loves low tide - she does the hunting and stalking thing after all manner of hapless marine creatures!

There are cool creatures pretending to hide all along the water's edge

- unfortunately, we think he was very unwell as he didn't really move much

crab on a rock

Tilly is never far away, but she does put in some miles running in wild circles and zigzagging paths that only make sense in her tiny puppy brain

She still gets up Dora's nose and Dora is getting very good at telling her off

Both of them delight in finding nasty, manky, rotting things on the beach. Tilly isn't allowed to keep anything, but Dora will pick something up and proudly prance around with it for ages. Yesterday she found a shoulder blade or some other body part from an unidentified animal. Digger & Tilly gamely followed along, hoping...

but Dora was pretty happy carrying it all by herself

MatildaLily still sits on Dora whenever she can

and Dora still puts up with it, more or less.

Today I had to boot them out of my office as it is a bit out of control and there isn't much room for all three of us to be in here at the same time. They took it in stride

Dora has taught Tilly how to get the most from a container of yogurt. They shared this one last night and now Tilly carries it around like her most prized possession - Dora knows it's empty and lets her keep far.

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