Monday, June 2, 2008

Beautfiul weekend

The last week or so has been perfect here on the Ningaloo Reef. My friends had a few days off as this is a long weekend and the three of us were able to get out for three days of diving.

Boat ramps are always entertaining and as we came home on Sunday we were treated to a special edition of "But I told you to remind me to put the bungs in!" They got this little tinny all the way to the end of the jetty then figured out it was sinking so the woman dragged it back as far as she could. Her husband then joined her and they dragged it up onto the cement ramp!
"Gee, that can't be good for it"

"I'll just hold it so it doesn't sink any more"

We shouldn't laugh, but doggone it, it's funny!

I am always amazed at how active our "normal" dive sites are. Every time I hit the water I find something new to watch and hopefully to take photos of!

I found my first ever Xenocarcinus depressus hiding in a very small sea fan. That's a spider crab, for those who don't want to Google it! They are very very tiny and hide deep down in the branches of the fan. I found four or five of the little guys on a single fan Thursday, but when we went back to the same site on Sunday, I could only find one. I hope the others were just hiding too well!

I haven't been through all of my images quite yet, so here's just a quick sampling of some critters I was able to spend time with:

Green turtle

Olive sea snake

White tip reef shark

Pink anemonefish in his anemone

Shrimp (Saron marmoratus) with a really bad "do"

The mornings are getting colder and it's hard to find the motivation to head to the beach before the sun comes up. Dave and I took the Girls down near sunset the other night and they had a blast.

Tilly is always in motion

Dora is a little more ladylike

But both can really get into playing and there's no hope of catching a clear shot...

...unless you're always ready for that momentary lull!

It doesn't last long before Dora has to shake the Tilly-cooties off

MatildaLily is up to her usual tricks - with bin raids and backyard excavations

You can see the remnants of a box of kittie crunchies in the yard. I didn't take a photo of what Tilly hoiked up later...turns out puppy tummies don't cope well with 1.5kg boxes of cat biscuits LOL

Dave's been a total sweetie lately and brought me flowers for no reason other than he loves me the other day

I love little surprises!

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