Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cute, gross and naughty

It's so nice to be home again!  Took the Girls down to the beach last night for a good long walk.  Both dogs started to get excited as soon as I got their collars and it took a few minutes for MatildaLily to calm down enough to get the dumb thing on.  They bounded straight into the car and put on their "let's go to the beach" faces

It was glorious and they had a great time running like crazy dogs all over the beach. Tilly tried to get Digger to play, too, but he wasn't that interested and all that ended up happening was Til irritating Ross as she bounced at Dig (who usually walks close to his dad) while getting under Ross' feet! Both Girls really stretched their legs and Til only slammed into Dora once or twice.

I'm always amazed at how the light changes in the hour that we walk. On the return trip it was so golden! Dora tried to have a quiet swim, but MatildaLily had to rampage through!

Dora gets even when Tilly finds a treasure by simply taking it away from her and then prancing off with it while lifting the lip and growling in an attempt to deter Til from resuming possession!

Not all on the beach is pretty. Last night there was some big dead animal part - we think it's a dugong - laying just on the tide line. Seagulls were having a bit of a snack as we drove by and weren't too happy when I got out to take a look. Ahh, the Circle of Life.

Tilly was very disappointed that I wouldn't let her get out of the car!

Both were much calmer on the way home

And even Til totally crashed once we got back to the house

Lobo was pretty happy coz he was trying to snooze too, and that's hard to do when some big dog keeps sticking her nose in your parts!

I'm not sure that the Girls got out quite enough while I was away...Tilly seemed to have had plenty of energy to destroy stuff. No matter how innocent she tries to look,

I know that she had a paw in these the excavation project in the backyard

What used to be one of our recliners in the living room

And you may remember our little pawpaw tree that was stripped back in April

then made a great come back in May

and is now not only missing its leaves, but pretty much all of the trunk, too!

Good she's such a sweet thing!

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