Friday, August 8, 2008

Still recovering

I got back to Exmouth on Tuesday after some extremely full flights.  The flights weren't bad but boy, does that seem like too many people in too little space!  Luckily I had some lovely row mates and I didn't feel squished on the long leg (14 hours) from San Francisco to Sydney.

Miracle of miracles, I was on a Qantas flight that not only had On-Demand entertainment but it also a) worked and b) had some good options available!  I watched Kung Fu Panda, Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and Iron Man.  All were worth watching and they certainly made the time go faster, though I was disheartened to overhear my row mate tell her son that "this isn't so bad, we've already been flying for nine hours" - it seemed like way more than that!  But the flight finally ended without me going crazy.

Sydney was chaos and very disorganized it seemed.  By the time I got through immigration (which actually went very quickly) and customs (after a long wait for the luggage and total confusion and chaos from the custom's staff just to get people in line), I had 15 minutes to change terminals and board my flight for Perth.  In Sydney you have to wait for a transit bus, so that was a little nerve-wracking standing around watching the minutes tick off the clock!  Finally boarded the bus and had a great (speedy) driver, so ended up at the gate just as we were boarding.

Turned out  not to be too much of an issue as there were roughly 7,000 people boarding the flight. I have never seen so many people for a domestic flight.  I was still almost the last one on the plane but other than having to helpfully rearrange some of the stuff in an overhead locker, it was pretty relaxed.

A small rant - could people possibly take more stuff on a flight in the cabin?  I mean, where are they going that requires them to drag every damned thing they own with them?  And if they are going to do it, where's just a little doesn't take much to put things in the overhead bins in a neat manner so someone else can eek out a teensy space for a small bag!  Jeeesh.


Landed in Perth and cruised to the hotel for a much needed rest and shower.  Dave was in Perth for another doctor's appointment - this time to have a kidney biopsy.  He had to stay at the hospital all day to recover from the procedure so he didn't join me until about 8:30pm.  It was nice to see him after so long!  Shame that he had to remain in Perth while I hopped on the last leg back to Exmouth at 0700 the next day.  Hopefully he'll be able to drive home on Tuesday next week.

The Girls were crazy when I walked in the door and have been glued to me since I got back.  Tilly has grown an enormous amount - she's pretty much a full sized dog now, I think!  She is still totally insane, though has her moments of calmness and obedience...there's still a lot to work on, though.  Dora is Dora - totally a lover and still very patient with Til.  In fact, she's even been instigating the playtime and the cuddle time with her sister.  They are inseparable most of the day.

Dora lays on MatildaLily

MatildaLily lays on Dora

They are both being relatively good about staying out of the office for the most part. It didn't take me long to figure out that if I put their mat just outside the door, they were much more willing to stop and flop there instead of constantly pushing under the desk or climbing onto my lap!

Tilly is still the needier one and doesn't like to give Dora too much space!

I haven't really been doing too much since I landed. Just unpacking, catching up on all that needs to be done with work and trying to recover from the trip. I don't know why it seems to take longer and longer every time I do this journey!

I still have plenty of news, photos and tidbits from the trip to post and I hope to have some more ready for you in the next day or so.

Totally unrelated to my travels, I was cruising the web yesterday and ran across this hilarious link all about Cakes, yes, cakes.  You will not believe what some people create - be ready to laugh a lot and make sure to cruise around the site as there are way more than what you see on this first page!  Enjoy!

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