Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nothing much, just the pets

The Girls and are I enjoying the beach and Tilly is actually getting better about riding in the car.  It does help that I now put her on a lead before we get back to the car, but she jumps right in.  Of course, Dora procrastinates and then demands to have her back end lifted in and I'm not quite perfect at making sure Til stays in the back of the car during this process.  Luckily I leave the lead on her so Mary can stomp on it as Til rushes past!

No real puppy beach news, just some photos of them having fun. The squeamish don't need to worry, none of the dugong, which has gone a very nasty black with its own little platoon of big black flies!

Run, Doggies, Run!

Dora scoping things out

Back in the car

Settling down

Home again for another nap
< Lobo is happy that I'm home as he loves to snooze in the office with me. And he always tries to find the most comfortable place...this time it's on my new camera bag. Love that kitty hair!
He's not nearly as excited about the actual camera

Jeesh, Mom, just give it a rest, would ya?

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