Sunday, August 17, 2008

Two trucks & a new house

Our friends, Roz & Rollo, finally saw their new house arrive yesterday. It's so cool to see it come up on two trucks and to watch the team slowly lower it into place! We went out to watch the progress from the comfort of a couple of lawn chairs as the sun set.

Rollo helped with the unloading of the concrete disks that the house rests on

They've placed the house up on a rise so it has lovely Gulf views from their kitchen & dining area

It's quite the production to make sure the house is completely level

The construction crew lifted the cover for a little look-see

and that is all the invitation Roz and Rollo needed to get their first peek - they had not seen the house at all during construction!

Roz is thrilled with her new en suite

and kitchen

She was doing a happy dance from the other side when she saw her new oven!

Finally uncovered - this is the interior wall and the second part of the house connects flush with it

Two thumbs up from Roz

Rollo points with pride "That's my new house!"

Preparing to move the second half in

The light was fading fast as they moved it in. It's expected that they will have everything completed, ready for the electrician and plumber, by Monday!

We took the Girls with us and they were very well behaved despite all of the new and exciting sights, sounds and smells. We were a little proud!

Tilly did get a little over-excited about the cockie, but the bird handled it well

Dora pretended not to notice the squawking and instead chose to give us her "I can't believe she's so naughty" look

Tilly ran amok out in the bush exploring, but Dora decided her Dad had the best view of all the happenings

Til was just sure there was something good in the boat

But then had to do a run-by while Dave and Dora patiently watched

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