Saturday, August 16, 2008

Variety Club Bush Bash in Exmouth

This morning the Variety Club Bush Bash car rally left Exmouth on the next leg of their journey so I headed down to the oval to check things out. 

These guys decorate their cars in crazy ways and most of the drivers and crew dress up to match the cars, too. 

It's all done to raise money for kids' charities, though all of the participants party pretty hard along the way, too!  It's all in good fun and pretty funny to watch.

OK, but I'm not sure kids can drink that much wine?

Ah the sacrifices they are prepared to make! Good to see the adults will help them out.

Constable Care Car (mascot of the WA police)


My favourite, the Shark Car

Batman and Spidie, his sidekick in the alternate universe that is Australia

The Nemo-mobile and drivers

the Croc Hunter car detail

Shrek doing "Shrek hands" with some random kids who weren't 100% sure of the whole thing

Princess Fiona and the Shrek-mobile

The future for Hi5...

A more refined car and crew

General Lee driven by Drag Daisy Duke & crewed by the rest of the cast

This group is famous for their subtle entries and exits into a town

Poor Funky Chicken has a hard life everywhere, it seems. This one was attached to the Banana in Pajamas car and looked like he was hung by the neck

MatildaLily's is in slightly worse shape and he hasn't even been through the bush yet!

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