Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tally me bananas...

Who says that Dave and I don't have green thumbs?  We have bananas!  Real, honest to goodness, grown on the tree bananas!  They aren't very big yet, but we're hopeful. How cool is this?

I've been playing a little bit with one of the lenses I picked up on my last trip home. All of the animals run away when they see me with a camera, but I managed to grab a few shots. Dora was waiting patiently for her dad to make her some lunch

Tilly showing off her wound...she pushed Dora a little too far and then when Dora snapped at her, she smacked into Dora's teeth...didn't phase Til at all coz she was straight back into annoying her sister

Then she was outside stalking the kitties

Boof was hunkered down under the table

Dave and some of the guys went fishing the other day and all of the animals were excited to see them when they came back to the house. The dogs love Craig because he always takes the time to give them some cuddles and a play, so they hopped into the back of my car to hang with him and watch the world go by

Tilly lost interest for a while and just went and sat on Dora's butt while Dora gave her long-suffering face

then had a little snooze

Black kitty, Harry, was the first cat out the door and straight to the esky looking for fresh fish. Dave had a good day out and brought home some very nice fish to stock our freezer.

So we've been eating well the past few nights!

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