Saturday, August 23, 2008

A quiet week

I've been slack about posting anything this week as Dave and I haven't been up to much at all.  Just work and errands and boring things that are the day-to-day staples.

The Girls and I have been hitting the beach, of course, and it's been gorgeous with low tide and a glass-still Gulf each afternoon.  

Digger joins us most days

On the way out the other day a Dad Emu was helping his three little ones cross the road.  They are so cute - they still have their stripes and spots!  I couldn't get the camera up in time to get the babies, but got one of dad and if you look real close in the grass there are two teeny heads...

It's still winter here and the mornings are so cold!  I'm not really a cold person so it's been a little tough. Thankfully I have a very good heater in my office!  Even the animals aren't too impressed and at least two of them usually take advantage of my early morning rising to hop into bed with Dave!

I'm hoping that the mornings warm up just a tad soon as the sun is starting to get up at a reasonable hour and I want to start walking in the mornings again...but so far it's just too darned cold!

Speaking of cold...I got some great news about my upcoming trip to South America and Antarctica the other day.  One of my friends that I hung out with at Invade the Keys in July is coming, too!  She's now in the cabin right next door and Amber is just down the hall.  We're going to have an excellent trip and I can't wait! 

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