Monday, August 11, 2008

News on Dave

Last Monday Dave had his kidney biopsy and he went back for the results today.  He has been diagnosed with IgA. The doctor says that he has little to no kidney damage so far and we are very relieved to hear that news.  This is a lifelong disease and he will get his medications organized tomorrow before, hopefully, driving home on Wednesday.  The medications are to help with the high blood pressure.  As it looks like diet and exercise are two major keys to keeping blood pressure in the healthy range, we'll be looking at our lifestyle to further help keep him fit and strong for the long haul!  I'm just so glad we have some direction now!

I had a portrait session yesterday with a lovely family in town.  They really wanted some nice shots of their two small boys - 2.5 years and 11 months - but the little one wasn't interested in playing the game.

It was hard work, but I enjoyed it and we came away with some very cute pictures of each of them plus a couple of very sweet shots of them together.

There are more on Kristin Anderson Photography's blog.

Today I was back in the office working on emails for the dive shop.  We aren't crazy busy with enquiries, but it is steady and hopefully we will have a busy September and October in the shop.  Over my lunch break I headed out to the backyard to play with a lens that I neglect a little bit sometimes, but used again yesterday for the first time in ages.  I love the shallow depth of field that it gives!


Dora looking over Til's shoulder

Dora over the whole photo thing

The Girls and I have been heading to the beach with Ross, Mary and Digger in the afternoons. The dogs play sometimes, but mostly Til just annoys the snot out of one of the other two while the lucky one wanders off to do its own thing!

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