Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beach walkin

No real news so far today but have a few minutes between work things so thought I'd pop up a few photos from our beautiful beach walk this morning. The sky is still heavy with clouds, but there was no wind and the temperature is just perfect for romping with the Girls.

We got in a great 50 minute walk and the dogs loved destroying the peace and quiet by splashing through the mirror flat water at a million miles an hour. Tilly also decided that today was a perfect day to explore the sand dunes and she'd come barreling down from them at warp speed, kicking sand 20 feet in the air as she passed. Dora wasn't quite so over the top but Til did try her best to engage her in roughhousing.

On the way out we stopped to look for roos again. One day I'll actually get some sunshiney ones! There were quite a few around again today but mostly they were a ways away from the road. Tilly keenly watched from the car and whined at me, not understanding why I wouldn't let her out to chase the big hoppy things!

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