Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August so far hasn't sucked

I cannot believe how much work I've had in the past couple of weeks.  It's like someone turned on a tap.  I am LOVING it!

Photo biz fabulous! I've booked several family shoots, three new weddings, had multiple more enquiries for weddings & family sessions, done several custom sessions, shot one wedding and a newborn session, booked some other things, consulted with the photo editor of the Sunday Times about a project, completed a bunch of orders and accepted a bunch of new orders from past shoots and worked with the Novotel Ningaloo on a tv ad in which my photographs will be featured. And I know I've forgotten some stuff - and, yes, pretty much this is all within the past 10 days! Total awesomeness!

Combined with my dive shop commitments - including teaching an underwater photography course, dealing with the accounts, working in the shop itself - I've been a very busy chickie. Dave and I have tried to make some time each day to do something fun just for us, but some days that falls down the list a little bit.

I did go out with some dive shop clients the other evening for a couple of drinks and good conversation. They are fabulous and hopefully they'll be back soon - big plans for extended return trips were discussed! Dave joined us a little later and it was just one of those perfect evenings - great view, fun people, good drinks, super snacks (I was told the oysters at the Novotel were great - we all know I'm not touching those nasty slimy things!) and perfect weather.

I haven't even had the camera in my hand - other than to move it from one awkward place on the couch to an equally awkward place on my overcrowded desk - since the weekend so thought I'd just share a couple of sneak peeks from what I've been working on.

Saturday's wedding - this couple was awesome, I love them!

There's another sneak peek at Kristin Anderson Photography Blog and more from this wedding will be up soon!

And Baby J - 21 days old and such a cutie!

more from his session will be hitting the blog tomorrow or the next day!

We have big plans to take the Girls out for a big adventure this afternoon and we also have some big stuff coming up over the next few months that we'll let you all in on soon. Don't want to give too much away too soon just in case it takes a little longer than we expect!

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