Saturday, August 8, 2009

I think my husband is cool

I cannot believe how swamped I am.  I'm loving it but I'm also getting to the point where I'm needing to have a little down time with my family - even if I have to whine a little to get it.

Dave and I both busted our butts yesterday with long hours but I cajoled him into heading to the beach for a quick stroll with Dora & MatildaLily before I rushed off to meet today's bride & groom at the Novotel. We had to visit a popular beach close to town since I was running under a pretty strict time constraint, but it was still nice just to get out. It was another glorious evening - here's hoping tonight is as nice for my super couple - and I did take a Big Girl Camera. Of course, every man and his dog was driving along the beach so I spent more time looking like a complete loon frolicking with the dogs rather than taking photos.

Here's Tilly bursting into the frame at Dora

See, our dogs are...ahem...not the best behaved dogs on the planet (Cesar would have a cow, I'm sure) so since there were vehicles driving past us regularly, I had to take them way out onto the sand flats exposed by low tide and try to keep their attention and NOT get totally soaked or sand covered since I had to go straight to a client meeting.

You may be wondering "Well, why wasn't Dave out there helping keep the dogs from chasing the cars". He was busy changing into his new super cool beach going superhero outfit

It would have been nice to hang out and relax, but I had to make do with the little time we had. It was still pretty nice

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