Thursday, August 27, 2009

Retropost - The Proposal 22nd August, 2005

I meant to post this a week ago, but to be honest, I'm not sure where the last week went LOL I had the bright idea to post this momentous day after looking for a totally unrelated photo for a friend. And, as often happens, I thought what perfect timing, I should post how Dave proposed WAY BACK in 2005 (I've added the year in here after my friend Luke said that this post was too confusing re the timeline)...and then the week got away from me.

Dave and I have a lovely life seasoned with random little romantic gestures like him making a fabulous dinner of fresh fish on a day we both though take-out seemed the way to go or bringing me a toasty towel, straight from the drier, as I get out of the shower. But he's more than capable of knocking my socks off with a big sweeping, grand plan...and here's the story as I hurriedly shared it with the world way back in 'aught five :)

"Pack a bag, I'm taking you away tomorrow" he said
"Where are we going" I ask "what do I need to pack?"
"Just snorkelling gear and normal clothes.  We're going to check out a possible liveaboard area, but we won't dive this time"

Monday morning...whisked off to the airstrip.  I expect the float plane and some other people as he's been out earlier this month checking some things out.  No float plane, just a little Cessna.  OK.  In we hop.  Glorious day - you can see for miles, the ocean is blue, we watch some whales.

Land in Onslow - a town a zillion miles from anything.  On to a hire boat.  I'm thinking - this crossing is gonna suck, I sure hope Dave knows where he's going!  But no, we get a skipper, too.  Off we go - nice crossing.  Nothing for miles.  An house.

We land on the beach - I'm glad we didn't bring scuba...there's a good sized dune to climb up to the beach shack.  Nothing else on the island but a rain water tank.  Our skipper helps us unload, shows us the pump and gas then heads off.  We are now officially deserted.  It's wonderful.  We wander around the shack poking in cupboards, stowing the food and drinks & change into beach wear. 

We head up onto the balcony to check out the scenery - pretty durned nice.  From there we can see our nearest neighbours...also deserted islands!

A big flock of pelicans is lazily circling about 100 meters from the balcony so we grab a couple of chairs and watch them for a while.  Neither of us can remember the last time we simply did nothing...

Dave says let's go for a walk.  Sounds good.

Now, we are pretty spoiled when it comes to beaches already.  We rarely see anyone else on "our" beach when we take the dogs down.  But there's nothing like knowing you are really the only people around and that no one will unexpectedly show up!  Bliss.

The island is home to a tremendous amount of bird life - wishing I had my new toy!!  Also very pretty shells that we don't see and other neat flotsam.

This was one of the more disgusting things we found (sorry, Leslie!) was all creepy crawly and I wasn't game to get too close!

Dave found this great crab shell a bit farther down... I'm taking a photo he calls out "Look what else I've found!"

I hurry over...

...he's kneeling down in the sand, gently moving some shells and then lifts up a big empty clam shell...

Will you marry me?

 :) :D ;D

So we are official!!  We spent the rest of the day just hanging out, drinking champagne on the balcony

and generally enjoying the heck out of ourselves.  It was excellent - the perfect setting, the perfect company, the perfect day...he done good!

We crossed back to reality the next morning & our pilot got the nod from Dave...Yes, she said "yes!"  The owners of the plane service had thoughtfully provided more champagne for us to enjoy on the flight back home! 

And were there to greet us and congratulate us when we landed.

So, that's how I spent my Monday :)

I had absolutely no idea that this was in the works.  Turns out even my Dad was involved in the lengthy (and very secretive) planning. 


Ruth[less] said...

But the ring's on the wrong finger!!

That's such a gorgeous story. It sure beats the heck out of my proposal story. So over the phone, Dave in Oz, me in Dublin, he says "it looks like the best way for you to get a visa is for us to get married!". LOL

In fairness to him he did meet me at the airport with a picnic basket and strawberries and champers and took me to a nice lookout to cheers to our new life together!

Kristin said...

Ruth - aww, that's sweet, too, though :)

Re the ring - it was too big so had to live on that finger/hand until we could get it resized!

Gilsner said...

Oh wow, Kristin... what a great story! Thanks for sharing! And that ring... oi that ring! Way to go, Dave!! ;)

Amanda said...

What an awesome proposal! That sounds absolutely perfect. Definitely the only one I've ever heard that involves a desert island. Thanks for sharing it!

Amanda Jane said...