Sunday, August 16, 2009

Great changes & some kitties

Firstly, I want to thank all of my friends and well-wishers who have inundated me with notes asking about & offering support for the big changes I announced the other day. The response to my admittedly but not deliberately kinda cryptic remark was...well...remarkable!

So, what are these big changes, you ask? Lots of things in my life, really, and I'll share them with you as I travel this new path. Be warned, some of them, heck, maybe even most of them, won't be that earth-shattering or probably interesting to anyone but me!

My first big change is about the clutter in my life: tangible, intangible, external and internal. I've started by deciding to declutter my physical space a little bit. I don't mean to be a pack rat, but there's something about a pristine box that begs me to store it coz I just know I'll need to pack something in it one day. Or that perfectly good sheet of bubble wrap, if I push & scrunch hard enough I know I can ram it into the closet along with the other ten million miles of the stuff I already have. And papers, shoes, clothes, magazines (I haven't even bought a magazine in like two years, but for some reason I still have a pile of ones I haven't read!) know, all that usual day to day stuff that just somehow accumulates.

So it's going. This week my goal is ten tangible items each day. I've done one day and already my office feels more spacious, stuff that used to live on the couch has a new home and it's just plain satisfying. Today I'm about halfway to my goal of ten things and it's already starting to get hard - I mean, I really, seriously might NEED an extra neck strap for my compact camera even though I a) have five others that I know of and b) have never ever taken any of them out of the plastic baggies they come in.

I'm also going to try to return to shooting more for fun. I have been neglecting just taking the camera out for no apparent reason, only grabbing it when Dave and I go do something or for work. I started today by heading out to capture some kitty-cat action. Harry, always such a willing model, tried feigning death, stuck his tongue out at me (he's SOOO mature sometimes!) and finally settled into the evil eye - with a little fang showing so I wouldn't miss his point.

Boof was far more mellow. He seemed very startled to see his own foot when he finally did open his eyes, though.

So, that's me for today. Stay tuned for more existential blathering, random thoughts about the changes I'm making and other things that I know just have you on the edge of your chair as you wait with bated breath...I'll stop now :) No, really, I'll be posting lots of photos, announcing some big news and having fun so you don't want to miss it!

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