Sunday, August 30, 2009

A very dull week

Boy, this past week has been a snoozer.  Mostly we've been working at the dive shop and things are quiet so there's not much going on to keep the ol' brain active.  On the upside, we have been able to get a lot of those little tasks done that get neglected when we are busier, but that's not very exciting news really.

I did start another of my Big Changes this week finally. Kylie, a friend of mine, is an awesome yoga instructor and asked me earlier this month to take shots of her doing the various poses for her instructor renewal. As we were shooting, we arranged to start doing some private yoga sessions one-on-one but every day she would have off work, I'd be at the shop.
Kylie going through some yoga poses

Finally Friday morning we were able to hook up for our first session. We spent about 1.5 hours in the park slowly going through poses and making sure my form was good before moving on - it was hard work! I still have no upper body strength but that was no surprise. For as long as I've been away from doing yoga, I remembered a lot of it and was able to really relax into most poses. I wasn't even sore on Saturday. I could feel some "new" muscles, but I wasn't hurting at all so I count myself thankful. We are hoping to be able to squeeze in two sessions a week now, so cross your fingers for me.

In other news, Tilly and Lobo have decided that the bed is really theirs

and get a little disgruntled when disturbed from their cuddling

I'm not sure what Til was trying to convey with this strange face

ManCamp '09 started yesterday so six of the Perth guys are up for a week of fishing, drinking, crabbing, drinking, boating, drinking, fishing, drinking...Dave and went around to their unit for a quick chat last night and today they are all out hunting mud crabs and fishing off the shore as it was pretty blowy earlier. I don't expect to see much of Dave this week.

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