Friday, August 7, 2009

TGIF...oh wait, it doesn't really matter!

Another hectic week is already gone.  My To Do List is shrinking, though not quickly enough!  I've crossed off three huge projects, am about 90% done with another big one and have a whole bunch of little things ticked off, too.  I am hopeful that I will have everything done by Saturday afternoon - just in time to go shoot another wedding and start adding more tasks to the list!

I'm absolutely not complaining, though. OK, maybe I am a little bit, but only in a half-hearted, boy there aren't enough hours in the day kind of way. I'm super happy to be this busy as a lot of it is photo related and that's just so awesome. I've been doing a few different kinds of sessions this week, have a wedding tomorrow and have a few more sessions coming up in the next couple of weeks. I love heading out on sessions and really wish I could do it every day (OK, again, maybe not *every* day, but three or four times a week would be good!)

Dave and I took the dogs to the beach last night just as the sun was setting and it was a stunner. Shame the freshly charged batteries were actually dead and double shame that I was slack and only took my baby Canon. That'll teach me to not grab the whole camera bag. Sadly, only this lone photo of the amazing colours and glassy Gulf.

I have a client meeting tonight but I might see if Dave will sneak down to the beach with me just before it - he's got to come with me or I won't be able to take Dora & MatildaLily as they can't hang in the car while I go to the meeting.

The Girls have been taking my long office hours and Dave's long days in the dive shop in stride. Dora wishes Til wouldn't cuddle quite so close sometimes, but that's just what little sisters do.

I hope to have more news and more photos of what we're up to plus bits & bobs from some of the recent photo stuff I've been doing up soonish.

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